Saturday, 1 July 2017


I am adjusting my body clock back and forth so most of the nights I'm just exhausted so i barely did anything. It was mainly mindless sketches other than these two which Im really happy about.

So its the beginning of the month & the first thing I usually spurge on is art supplies//materials.

Panda Stickers// should have gotten 2 :<
Origami Papers// this month's haul is so gorgeous! I love the mountain designs &goldfish designs
Washi Tapes// I already have so many but i can't resist
Envelope// not really my colour but its still pretty

I found this book at the library and I fell in love with it. It has a similar concept/style of another book, Steal Like An Artist, which shows knowledge in a very creative way (compared to textbooks).

It isn't my usual style of illustration that I like but JUST LOOK AT IT. anyway I bought it.

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