Wednesday, 16 August 2017


1. Loot from illustration fest
2. this week's lazy journal layout
3. wedding card//working on it

I haven't completely removed the negativity and I was disappointed with myself for being so unproductive last week which I basically just absorb a few seasons of The Simpsons. However, I wasn't totally unproductive as I managed to packed up my room and made some changes. Every time my room is all packed up, I feel amazing after that.

Also, I have been running! Usually when I plan to start running, somehow I end up hating it after 2 runs. Recently I have had a few runs and I feel like doing more every day! Other than building my stamina for the end of the year trip ( *_________* ), it helps me stop procrastinating a little more each time I go for a run.

I am actually extremely proud of TODAY! I would prefer to run when there is sunlight as the route I usually have the runs are dark and quiet at night. BUT today I actually got home after 8pm. Even after I sat down in front of my computer playing tetris and started my youtube videos, I got my ass off and was like NO EXCUSES. In my head I was like, "I'm tired, it's dark out, the bus took so long to bring me home BUT GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND RUN."

so I did. & I feel so much better.

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