Wednesday, 30 August 2017

07 MINI ME//

Recently, I have been watching youtubers who does animations, therefore I randomly created a mini me! I would love to do animations on youtube but I might have other plans on mind.

Also, I created a mini boyfriend too :3

My productivity level went down in the past 2 weeks. I stopped keeping track of my money, my work, and I left my work untouched. All I'm concentrating on doing now is getting myself out of the house to work, NOT EVEN ON TIME FOR WORK. Just, out of the house so I'm actually going to work.

Well, I'm not going to discredit myself. Even though I haven't been exercising much but I did push myself to do a little here and there in the past 2 weeks. I'm so out of shape that I don't look good in my clothes anymore. THEREFORE,


I used to have a better body but It wasn't healthy at all. Being in an environment where I tried so hard to be prefect & skinny is something I do not want to go through again. Though I dislike my body now, but It does not make me want to starve myself or anything, but instead, its a good motivation for me to start being healthier.

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