Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Firstly I want to say happy birthday to my best friends. You made a amazing leap forward in your life and I hope you will carry on finding out your life to where you want to be in your life.

Secondly, I had such a wonderful time with this lovely lady yesterday with our swimming+dinner date. The swimming session was wonderful as I surprised myself with more laps than I ever did before.

People like this make you remember that even though there are ups and downs in life and people drift away once in awhile, the people who matters always choose to stay by your side.

Lately I have started to do some research on mental health and I really enjoy the whole process of it! Other than doing some mood tracking, I have also begin a journal. which I really enjoy. I realised how it helps when I'm having a bad day or just in general feel negative.

The reason why I started is to give myself a closure to all the unwanted thoughts and negative feelings I have. For so long I have difficulties trying to handle it, from drinking to just keeping it to myself and even thinking happy thoughts. Despite all that, I'm glad to have arrived at where I am now.

Of course, my appreciation goes out to the people who stayed and encouraged me all these while. Thank you all.

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