Tuesday, 2 January 2018



Ever since I got back from japan, I have diligently been doing something, editing videos, cluttering, but I haven't start any work yet which I'm working on. I do enjoy the feeling of not putting things off which I want to focus on this year. 

Other than work, daily chores, school, I'm hoping to decrease laying around doing nothing or browsing on my phone so often.

I have been trying my best to be healthier since 6 months ago and it felt so much better especially when I was on the trip, feeling less tired, less compliance and so much more productive. Other than physical health, I started to focus on mental health too, which I started blogging, journaling which feels so much better. I feel less negative and feel like I'm in check of my emotions. 

On the weight wise, which haven't been going well, hopefully I will have more discipline regarding that. 

Going to Hokkaido made me enjoy snowboarding even though I'm still new at it, It made me consider picking up skateboarding. My boyfriend has already been into eskating so it will be great to have similar hobbies. Other than that, I have been documenting the trip causally which I find it enjoyable, hoping to do more of it this year.

Other things I would hope to continue is, for health, running, swimming, yoga and trying to input some light exercises in my daily life. Also something I have been meaning to start, which is spending a day in library twice a month to learn something new. It was a old habit of mine before I started school 3 years ago and I'm hoping to pick it up again!

To be honest, looking at 2017, I personally feel I have had quite a change in my spending habits. I've become more aware of my money, where my money go, and definitely have lesser splurging. Overall, I just need to save money, and keep track of what I would spend on.

Other than continuing the projects which I would love to get it done by june, I personally would want to start a year project of having a monthly favourite art piece. Reasons being; one is to get me motivated to have do a favourite monthly piece and two, is to create a calendar which was inspired by my mum, because she thinks I could do it. 

Some small goals, I would like to get my driving license before june, get a tattoo on my birthday and maybe start a youtube channel. 

2017 has been overall fulfilling. Trying so many new things to improve myself, meeting new people and also having healthy body and relationships. There were many ups and downs but it brought me new opportunities, learning new understanding of myself and brought my closer to people that mattered, so thank you 2017.

& HELLO 2018!

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