Monday, 5 February 2018


I just feel like penning some thoughts down.

The first month of 2018 is ending, which has been amazing so far.

The month started with me organizing my journals, and just keeping my budget low as my bank took a hit when I went to Niseko last month.

Over the weeks, I realised my week has become a routine, which easy for me to keep track of my life. I managed to give time to exercising and cooking for my family, but it compromises my work life. Being discipline only for my health being and lifestyle is not enough and I need to find a good balance for it. Therefore, things I want to improve for next month; be more productive and do more work.

Some things I have tried this month, I picked up light exercises and started having a more active lifestyle. Eating healthy was a challenge so I try to balance out and keep track of things I eat daily.

Some new things I tried out/small achievements I did was unlocking a new skill during ice skating (after 2 years!) and I did an afternoon of eskating with the guys. I also tried singing lessons which taught me so many new things which got me excited to be able to finally do something I want to do for the longest time.

One of the other things I want to do is, getting a new bag for myself. Other than finally buying a good bag and rewarding myself for the past year, Also starting up my collections for clothes again, finding new goodies and keeping old ones.

Also I found a really positive book about kindness. Other than being pleasing to the eye, it has so many helpful advise and also happy thoughts from people. Reading it teaches me to improves myself and also ended my negative week with lots of positive thoughts.

Everything might not be as smooth sailing as it might be, but I believe that I can learn along the way, adjust to what I need to instead of making excuses and never stop trying.

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